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Limited edition Art

I go into so many houses and there is the standard printed art on the walls from the high street furniture stores, nothing unique or individual that expresses an individual. I love going to galleries, art shows and finding new pieces of art, a little too much over the years as our house is covered in Art , but we look back and its an expression of our taste, and love meeting the artists, which we often see again and again at their private shows, its not the same as buying a bit of furniture, you get so much pleasure looking at them everyday and you remember the time place, event when you bought them. The whole experience is a bit addictive!

When I go into a gallery I know instinctively whether I like or don't like something and I often walk around two or three times and see whether the piece has the same impact the first time I saw it- if it does usually a purchase happens!!! I find this a good rule so you don't end up with something you regret buying. We do have some famous artist pieces but this to me is irrelevant, you have to love the piece, whoever has created it, final, that it simple you can't go wrong!!

I have started to show artwork by Rob Brookes who is a graphic designer and illustrator, he studied at Exeter Art College, but has started to produce a series of surfing themed screenprints - he only does limited editions.

I have put a selection here but please do go to the website to see the latest artwork. Overtime I will be adding more artists work, as I love to support UK artists!

Please share and enjoy

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