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Support in Numbers

I am delighted to feature and be part of the 'Still made in Britain' website alongside other designers and product makers who stand by producing and designing products in the UK.

I realised when I started Crown 'n' Country that we need to help our own economy, help to grow from the ground up our industries to give opportunities for local people. I would like the company to develop so I can put this into practice. I feel strongly that we have the talent in this country and the skills to create great products and design that doesn't have to be produced elsewhere.

So I am delighted I found an organisation that is also trying to promote our talent of which we are now part of! Next time your buying something try and buy something from our own country, it all helps create opportunities for the next generation. Plus you'll end up with something not shipped from the other side of the world so doing your bit for a greener future!

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