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Silk Devore Scarves

I loved being a bit of a hippy chick in my Uni days, floaty skirts with bells on that jangled when you walked into studio, however I also was a bit of a rock chick too the other extreme and flares didn't pass me by either even if the era did! That was great being at fashion uni as you could create a new look each day, I loved it reinvention! Now being older I find myself in a routine, this shape, that colour that style suits me and quite honestly it can get predictable....sometimes you just need to shake things up again! So I have started to make some silk devore scarves, hampering back to my youth but with a modern twist, I can pop on over my outfits and liven them up with a bit of colour. They are really soft, delicate and easy to wear just loop them round your neck a couple of times and bingo!!

Have a look and see what you think!