About me

I started Crown 'n' Country because I wanted somewhere where we can showcase the talent of UK artists and designers in one place who share the same view as me i.e. wanting to promote UK made products. Our products are quintessentially English  with an Urban Twist, products of now and not our past. We utilise materials in the UK, tweed, lace, leather so all products are crafted here with care, they are not mass produced overseas, so our customers can find one offs, limited editions and something unique. The art we have is limited editions and tend to get snapped up quickly, we are always on the search for new artists.

We sell online to our customers and also show at contemporary markets, fairs around the country.


Please stay in touch to see where we will pop up next! And tell your lovely friends where you can find us as at www.crown-n-country.co.uk

If you are a designer or artist and want to sell your products through Crown 'n' Country please do get in contact via info@crown-n-country.co.uk